Funny public records chatter on Twitter

This might be my favorite post since I started this blog! Out of curiosity, I did a search on Twitter to see what people were saying about public records. I found some funny stuff. The names have been removed. Enjoy!

  • Damn you Myspace and Facebook photos for serving as public record of things I did and places I went with exes.
  • It’s not a matter of public record if you fail a drug test, right? like, if i fail it for one job another employer can’t find out about it?
  • You wanna know what kind of socks I have on or what kind of underwear I wear, I mean, is that public record?
  • But you sound miserable and you just made a public record of your discontent so you’d better quit.
  • BWAHAHAHA. I got that rubber stamp yeeears ago. I’m hoping it’s not on public record anywhere. 😀
  • u still talkin slick??? we goin off public record right fast…

Obviously, the “public records” these people are talking about have nothing to do with the actual law, but it’s funny to read anyway. I hope it made you laugh. I sure did 🙂


One comment

  1. Oh Kelly this post had me laughing out loud! Those tweets are hilarious. You should do one of these monthly because I bet they will only get better. Loving all of your continuous posts. Keep those creative juices flowing!!

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