Should property records be posted online?

Do you own your home? If so, did you know that your property records are online? Your name, address, how much you paid for the house and sometimes even pictures and diagrams of your house are available on the Internet.

It’s all a matter of public record, and that’s how people are able to sell star maps in Hollywood. That’s how journalists can stake out Tiger Woods’ home in Florida, and that’s how I found Paula Deen’s house in Savannah, Ga.

Not everyone is a fan of property records being posted online, as evidenced in this story on “County weighs limiting web access to public records.” Lisa Miller reports that Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, is considering not allowing people to search for property records online.

“Several local law enforcement officials say the system is too easy for violent criminals to find out where police officers, prosecutors and federal agents live,” according to the article. Others argue that the information needs to be accessible as part of a transparent society. What do you think?

*Thanks to my friend, Randi, for sending me a link to WFAE’s story.


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