Funny public records chatter on Twitter part 2

Since my last blogpost was so serious and sad, I thought I’d lighten the mood with some funny things people are writing on Twitter about public records. Obviously, the “public records” these people are talking about have nothing to do with the actual law, but it’s funny to read anyway.

  • I will bet my left shoe that Austin does NOT stun Vince McMahon tonight. I just can’t see it. Let this be known as a matter of public record.
  • I’d like to go on public record that Alton Brown is in fact, my hero.
  • Suck it up! EVERYBODY KNOWS that you were sulking about your birthday last week. It is a matter of public record!
  • For public record, I’ve never claimed to not be an idiot at times.
  • But you know we got to be more careful now than ever. Everything can be public record. Oh how we need more clever conversations!
  • For the public record, I don’t believe (name removed) uses the same razor blade for months at a time. Let’s put this pain behind us.
  • It’s for the public record. After I strike it rich, these tweets will be worth their weight in gold!
  • txted! But just so there’s a public record proving you shouldn’t keel me, I’m tweeting it. 🙂 ❤
  • now when we call u ho’s ho’s we got a public record that u all let us know ya ll ho’s hahahahah
  • Justin and Bo both yell at Carly. She stands her ground. Melanie wants to speak simply because it’s on public record.
  • I started recording loud mobile phone conversations on trains. Is that: Espionage, breaking data protection laws or public record?

This is my second blogpost about funny public records chatter. You can read part one here.


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