Poynter features my public records geekiness


Wow, it has been a surreal day. Poynter reporter Kristen Hare was nice enough to write a story about this blog and my overall love of public records. Within minutes of the story being posted, my Twitter feed exploded with so many nice comments, like these:

One of the things Kristen asked me during the interview was what my goal is for this blog. I told her I want to continue sharing my own experiences with public records – both my struggles and triumphs – but I also want to feature stories from other journalists.

That’s what I’ve been focused on this week for Sunshine Week. Journalists from around the country have been kind enough to tell me how they use public records in their reporting and what they uncovered. So far, reporters from The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, USA TODAY and The Texas Tribune have been featured, and I have several more great reporters lined up.

I don’t want this to end with Sunshine Week, though. I want to keep showcasing the great work that’s being done in newsrooms around the country. If you’ve done a story using public records and want to share it with me, email kahinchcliffe@gmail.com or write to me on Twitter @RecordsGeek. I can’t wait to hear from you.


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