Journalists aren’t the only ones requesting records

Have you ever filed a request to see what public records others are requesting? You should try it sometime. You’ll discover that journalists aren’t the only ones trying to get records. Lawyers, parents, businessmen, etc. file some pretty interesting requests – some that might be worth a story. Here are two recent examples:

Records: Penn State axed public praise for Joe Paterno following football coach’s death

“Newly released records show Penn State University planned to issue a statement honoring football coach Joe Paterno in the days after his death, then scrapped the idea amid the widening Jerry Sandusky child sexual abuse scandal.” READ MORE

You know who requested those records? An alumnus who filed a Right-to-Know request, according to

Gloucester County denies jail supervisor’s request for videos; public records lawsuit follows

Joe Green, a crime and courts reporter with The South Jersey Times, writes this brilliant lede:

“Gloucester County officials had no problem allowing a paranormal investigation team to seek ghostly activity in the semi-defunct county jail this winter. But they refused to give video footage to a jail supervisor trying to root out bad employee behavior, a lawsuit claims.” READ MORE

The jail supervisor asked for copies of videos and phone records under New Jersey’s Open Public Records Act (OPRA). He was denied, according to, because county officials said releasing the footage “would jeopardize the security of the building or persons therein.” The jail supervisor says the video he wants comes “from cameras not in holding areas or jail security areas, but from public, publicly accessible or administrative sections.”



  1. I was just reading about your last posted blog. Then I saw that we just got an email. Low and behold it was your blog. I enjoy reading what you put and others put on your blog. Thanks for the reading material.

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