‘Attitude every day’ and other complaints about the CIA’s cafeteria

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – FOIA and public records requests don’t always have be serious. Ask for off-the-wall records and you can find some really fascinating stories – stories I guarantee your competitors won’t have.

The FOIA experts over at MuckRock published a fun one recently about CIA officials’ complaints about their cafeteria.

“Why can’t there be nicer food handlers? Attitude every day,” one perturbed CIA official wrote. 

Another official was annoyed that the Jazz Salad did not include grapes.

“Grapes are in the title of the salad. I asked about them, and the server pointed to the cherry tomatos [sic], said they were grapes. I said, “no, those are tomatos [sic], soooo should I just get grapes from the salad bar … I do not condone putting salad bar items into a Jazz Salad.”

Washington Post reporter Abby Phillip did a nice write-up of six of the more interesting complaints.

If you need inspiration to file your own random records request, here are some stories I and others have done:

I’d love to know what interesting public records you’ve found. Write to me at kahinchcliffe@gmail.com or on Twitter @RecordsGeek.


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