Jim McElhatton

TV producer’s story inspires others to request family records

I received so much great feedback after writing about my coworker, WRAL-TV producer Miranda Dotson, who requested her grandfather’s military records and surprised her father with what she found.

Many of you reached out to tell me that you plan to request your family members’ military records, too.

Jim McElhatton, a reporter at The Washington Times, shared his own experience with me. Last year, he received military records for his late father, who was a pilot in the Navy.

“No medals or war stories, but very proud of what I learned,” Jim told me. He sent me a link to a blog he wrote about his father’s records. It’s very touching, definitely worth reading. Here’s a snippet:

While given high marks as an aviator, “his most valuable asset is his deep concern for the welfare of his men,” one performance review said.

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